Flags of 1878 Greek Revolutionaries

Cretan Revolutionary Flag


In the Summer 1878 Cretan Revolution, many different armed units flew this flag as they fought against a combined force of Turkish and British forces. This rebellion, at its height, controlled all of Crete except for the 7 fortified cities, held by the Ottoman forces.


Flag of Thessaly and Epirus

Thessaly and Epirus

The rebellions in Thessaly and Epirus lasted considerably longer than those of Crete and Western Macedonia, and were far stronger. They controlled large swaths of the mountains in Epirus and the Thessalian valleys, and held territory extending from the Greek border to Sarande.


Flag of West Macedonia

Western Macedonia (1878)

The flag above was the one used by the rebels of Western Macedonia, who controlled a third of today-held Greek Macedonia at their peak, and continued a mountain guerilla campaign for months more. Many of their soldiers and guerilla warriors raised this flag on territories they occupied. Their line of control stretched from central Thessaly to Veles.



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